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For doctors, laboratories, law firms and official bodies: 

Protect your documents against manipulation and fraud.

TRUST- NOW creates digital signatures of analog and digital documents. And makes the verification immediately and globally available, e.g. for airport personnel. 

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As part of Instadical, Trust-Now helps Corona secure test results



For airlines, tour operators, cultural institutions: 

Recognize the authenticity of Covid-19 PCR results, antibody results, etc.

In seconds. 

Simple yet powerful process: 

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Laboratory/official body/… issues a document with signature created by TRUST-NOW. 

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Air passenger/concert visitor shows the document upon appearance. 

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Security personnel scans signature and verifies the document’s authenticity. No app or credentials needed! 

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GDPR/DSGVO compliant 

Data security

Our servers are certified by CSA STAR level 2 and ISO 27017/18, and are running on the Open Telekom Cloud, provided by our tech and distribution partner T-Systems International GmbH, part of the Deutsche Telekom. 


When desired, our solution anonymizes the personal data of your employees, passengers and guests so that the testing staff and the laboratory do not receive any patient information. 


Our Partners

TRUST-NOW is a cooperation of FORSIT Group and Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing.


TRUST-NOW is a product of the FORSIT Group. We are trusted by

ABUS KG | Berliner Volksbank | BONPRIX | BMELV | Cisco  | Deutsches Rotes Kreuz | Deutsche Telekom | ERGO | OTTO Group | UN – United Nations Industrial Development Organization | Placetel | Universität Bonn | Scope Group | Vodafone

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